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10 MAI/2019

Yellow May

The Olsen team enthusiastically wore this shirt

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08 MAI/2019

Congress of Gynecology moves medical area in Santa Catarina Capital

The Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Santa Catarina (Sogisc), promote the IX Catarinense Congress of Obstetrics

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06 MAI/2019

Events of Dermatology in Paraná (Brazil)

Olsen is present at the main dermatological events in Paraná (Brazil)

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02 MAI/2019

Support for the campaign

Bruxism affects around the world 30% of the population and in Brazil, that number corresponds to 40%

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30 ABR/2019

Goiânia (GO-Brazil) hosts the Brazilian Congress of Dermatologic Surgery

This event is one of the most representative of this year's calendar and will take place in the Goiânia Convention Center

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26 ABR/2019

Entrepreneurship trajectory yields another prize

Olsen won another prize in its history, conferred by the Palhoça Business Association (Acip), in the second edition of the ACIP Entrepreneurship Award

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12 ABR/2019

Interactive Exhibition of Military Material will have Odontoportable from Olsen

Olsen is the only Brazilian company to catalog Dental and medical products in NATO

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11 ABR/2019

Olsen attending the 5th. TeraRio - SBDRJ

The Brazilian Society of Dermatology - Rio de Janeiro, will promote the 5th TeraRio

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05 ABR/2019

Participation in the Symposium of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

Olsen takes part in the II Symposium Hair and Nails of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology - Regional São Paulo

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05 ABR/2019

Finished the new clinic facility in the Estácio University

Olsen finished the installation of another clinic to the Estácio University, at the educational unit located in Ribeirão Preto (SP-Brazil).

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03 ABR/2019

International Congress of Aesthetics in São Paulo

Olsen will be present at the XVI International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

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28 MAR/2019

SofTec Olsen qualifies a new class in 2019

The Olsen Technical and Commercial Training Service (SofTec Olsen) will occur in the company's headquarters in Palhoça (SC-Brazil) from March 27 to 29, in order to qualify and requalify the technicians who serve the company in the whole country.

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27 MAR/2019

Olsen at the 12th Symposium on Cosmiatry

In order to stimulate new knowledge about recent techniques and treatments to be applied in the management of the aging process in the different age groups, valuing the beauty of each patient with a focus on health and well-being of the people.

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28 MAR/2019

Factory broadens the level of production verticalization

Within its dynamics to maximize the production line, Olsen has been promoting constant upgrades in its industrial park

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