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Biosafety ensures patients return to offices and clinics
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The degree of biosafety that health professionals guarantee to patients is being the main guarantee for their return to doctor's offices and clinics.

Olsen sought out one of its clients, the dental surgeon Juliano Martendal, who works at its clinic in Brusque, which attests that the feeling of security becomes challenging and responsible for resuming the flow to Dentistry.

The professional opted for one of the brand's top of the line equipment, Infinity Premium Pro, which is a reference in biosafety, a condition applied by the company to its equipment even before the effects of this pandemic were known.

Martendal exemplified his case. The clinic stopped activities for 3 weeks from March 19. The return happened with a new service dynamics. “The degree of hygiene in the clinic's environments, which has always been an obsession on our part, ended up raising the ruler even more”, he assures.

What has basically changed is the internal flow. The patient doesn't even put his hand on the door handle. The attendant gives access, the waiting room is sanitized and disinfected with each passage, as well as the internal space of the service, which is done by appointment. Videos showing this new reality were presented to patients.

On the part of service professionals, the use of PPE remains mandatory. Another differential of the clinic is the possibility of a single flow with the use of exclusive entrance and another exit access.

The clinic is located in the central region of the municipality of Brusque, Vale do Itajaí, which has an area of ​​160m2, two rooms equipped for care, sterilization room, offices, waiting room with toilet, laundry and pantry.

- The return of patients is being slower, but it happens and our greatest ally and flagship of these decisions is the degree of biosafety we provide - says Martendal.